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Summer Is Still Kicking! Here's What's Rocking Right Now- 7/14/17

I've got some ideas for you for this week... whether you're planning a fun Girls' Night Out, or you want soak up as much of the music festival vibe as possible, or check out one of the city's hottest new hotel restaurants... read below.  Click here to listen to my full 101-WKQX segment.  

PanIQ Room

Need an idea for a fun group activity, bday party, or Girl’s Night Out?  I’ve got ya covered!  PanIQ Room is an absolute BLAST.  A few girlfriends and I were looking for a fun pre-dinner activity and we thought, “What’s better than being locked in a bunker together for an hour and try to escape?”  Turns out, we were right.  Escape games are gaining popularity and it’s easy to see why.  It’s an exercise in team building, but it’s also suspenseful, thrilling, and sharpens your senses and puzzle solving skills.  

Me with my friends, Nicole, Paige, and Caitlin in PanIQ Room Hollywood

Me with my friends, Nicole, Paige, and Caitlin in PanIQ Room Hollywood

We had the choice of escaping a bunker or insane asylum… we opted for the bunker as the asylum sounded a bit too scary for first timers ;) You are given 1 hour to escape and you are able to ask for a clue or two after the first 15 minutes.  We are proud to say that we did escape!!  (but it took us 1hr 6min…shhhhh don’t tell anyone!)  They have locations all over the US and the Chicago one is in the West Loop.  Let me know if you check it out…and if you beat my 1h 6min time!

PanIQ Room- WEST LOOP- 1200 W. Lake St.


Pitchfork After Party at Virgin Hotel’s Cerise Rooftop

The only thing to make a badass music festival better than it already is, are all of the fun pre and post parties that go along with it.  In this case, Pitchfork is showcasing several of their artists on the gorgeous rooftop lounge of the Virgin Hotel, Cerise.  Today through Sunday, each day is filled with live and DJ sets from some of the amazing musicians who are performing at the festival such as, Frankie Cosmo, Madlib, and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem.  Check out the flier below for full schedule.  Oh, and it’s FREE!!! 

he Virgin Hotel- THE LOOP

Ace Hotel- City Mouse


The Ace Hotel is finally here!  The trendy addition to Chicago’s Fulton Market District is trying to live up to the hype by introducing their brand new restaurant, City Mouse.  It’s headed up by amazing veteran chefs like Jason Vincent of Giant and Pat Sheerin of Trencherman.  Check this out… on of the items on their menu is called the Country Mouse and it’s a caviar shooter with cheddar and caramel….WHATTTTT????  You heard me right… it’s sounds so bizarre that it must be good!  The rest of the menu isn’t as jaw dropping yet sounds delicious and the cocktail menu looks quite solid.  Let me know your thoughts!!


Ace Hotel- WEST LOOP- 311 N. Morgan 

Music Filled Summer Weekend! Rocking Right Now 7/7/17

Just like every fleeting and cherished Chicago summer weekend, this one is also filled with amazing music and festivals.  But don't worry, I sneaked in some food too.  Click here to listen to my full radio segment on 101-WKQX.

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Pop-Ups Poppin' Up Everywhere... Rocking Right Now 6/23/17

Who doesn't love a good pop-up?!  They're in, they're out, they build lasting memories.  Here are a couple that hopefully stick around longer than they're supposed to.  Click here to listen to my full segment from 101-WKQX.  

Bottle Rocket

This is the spot for you if you can't get enough of summer block parties.  This Logan Square spot took over what was previously the Branca Bar pop-up.  Think Night at The Roxbury where they make the inside of the club, look like the outside.  It's filled with street signs, lamp posts, bags (corn hole) games and some astro turf.  Oh and hot dogs and other street fest food.  

But the booze is the star here.  Local casual Chicago specialties like Old Style and Malort.  You MUST try their boozy slushy called the Broken Rose made with Revolution Brewery Rosa Hibiscus Beer, Aperol, and Rare Tea Cellars Hibiscus syrup.  

Bottle Rocket-LOGAN SQUARE- 2367 N. Milwaukee


Riot Feast

Haven't you always asked yourself the question, what would it be like if Riot Fest were a restaurant?  I know I have.  Well wonder no more.  Picture turn-of-the-century carnival decor with American bites and an extensive drink selection.  This is in the old Saved by the Max pop-up location and they anticipate that this will have just as big of a buzz as the Saved By the Bell themed restaurant.  They're actually selling tickets to give it even more of a concert vibe.  "Hungry patrons can purchase advance tickets now for seatings in the Nosh Pit for $20 (bar seating), GA for $25 (communal dining), or VIP for $35 (reserved elevated tables)." But get em while they're hot as this pop up opens July 8th and closes end of Sept. Rock on Riot Feast!!!

Riot Feast-WICKER PARK- 1941 W. North Ave.


Lucky Dorr

Acclaimed chef, Matthias Merges, is known for his creative and outstanding concepts in Logan Square like Yusho and Billy Sunday.  So I was surprised when I heard his next venture would be part of Wrigley Field.  But hey, he can do no wrong, so i'm in.  Oh, and it's a beer garden!!  Lucky Dorr is going to be located in the new Park at Wrigley Plaza and they will be serving some of the best craft brews in the city that you sip while hanging on their patio.  They'll serve some unique bites as well as take away bags of delicious snacks you can bring into the ballgame with you. The coolest part, no pun intendend, is that in the winter, this space will turn into a "ski lodge" that will be connected to the ice rink!  Year round fun seems to be on the menu.

Lucky Dorr- WRIGLEYVILLE- Wrigley Field

Summer Kick Off! Wells Street Art Fest, Forno Rosso Pizzeria, Pub Royale.

Summer seems like it's finally here!  So let's celebrate!  Here are some fun and delicious ways to spend these warm days and nights... Click HERE to listen to my full radio segment on 101-WKQX.  

Wells Street Art Festival/Old Town Art Fair

So my personal belief is that the Wells Street Art Festival uses "art" as an excuse to throw the best damn street festival of the entire year.  Yes they have a ton of awesome art vendors...but usually people have had too much to drink to actually know good art from bad art... which could be a huge positive for the vendors.  "Make more money with drunk customers!" Regardless, It's just a damn good time.  Tons of awesome beer, tons of great food (street vendors and participating restaurants), and tons of loud live music.  Oh, and I guess tons of art.  This year, the headliner on Sat night is 16 Candles cover band, always a blast with them!  This is the best way to kick off summer in Chi!  It takes place all weekend on Wells St. between Division and North Ave. 

Me with my girlfriends, Katie Stenson and Jaclyn Swartz, at Wells. St. Art Fest 2 years ago

Me with my girlfriends, Katie Stenson and Jaclyn Swartz, at Wells. St. Art Fest 2 years ago

Wells St. Art Festival- OLD TOWN

Forno Rosso Pizzeria

Forno Rosso Pizzeria is one of the best authentic Italian pizza joints in the city.  The owner, Nick Nitti, actually studied the art of how to make the perfect Pizza Napoletana in Italy.  Let me tell ya, he learned a thing or two.  The pizza reminds me of all of my favorite pizza I ate in Italy.  They even have pizza Capriciossa which was my FAVE in Italy... it has artichokes, olives, mushrooms, prosciutto, and I always add a sunny-side up egg in the middle.  But all of their creations are authentic and delicious coming out of their wood fire brick oven.  

Breakfast pizza courtesy of Forno Rosso Pizzeria's Instagram

Breakfast pizza courtesy of Forno Rosso Pizzeria's Instagram

But NOW, they serve brunch at their Randolph/West Loop location!  And this isn't your typical brunch.  Imagine everything coming right out of Italy...and right out of a brick oven.  They have a breakfast pizza served with fior di latte, baby asparagus, grape tomatoes, pecorino romano, and 2 cage free eggs.  They also have wood fired pancakes served with marscapone and cherries! Yum. And one of my favorites, uova (egg) in purgaturio (spicy san marzano tomato sauce).  Make sure you check it out next time you want brunch in the West Loop!  Sundays only. 

Wood fired brunch pancakes- courtesy of Forno Rosso pizzeria Instagram

Wood fired brunch pancakes- courtesy of Forno Rosso pizzeria Instagram

Forno Rosso Pizzeria- WEST LOOP- 1048 W. Randolph


Pub Royale

I may have to go out on a limb and say that Pub Royale is the coolest spot in Wicker Park.  And that's saying a lot since this neighborhood is oozing with hipster coolness.  Pub Royale has a dark English Pub vibe, but they throw you a huge curve ball when you find out that they have an Indian Inspired menu.  And the food is GOOD.  It's a slightly modern/shared plates take on Indian cuisine, and nothing is intimidating in case you're an Indian food novice.  Try the samosas, the butter chicken, and the chicken tikka kati roll... oh and the badass selection of craft beers.  

Samosas- courtesy of Pub Royale's Instagram

Samosas- courtesy of Pub Royale's Instagram

Pub Royale- WICKER PARK- 2049 W. Division St. 

Patio Season Is Here! My Patio Picks! 5/26/17

It's what all Chicagoans fantasize about all year long while we're hibernating like bears or hiding like hermit crabs... patio season!  I promise you, the weather will be beautiful soon... and these patios will be just what you've been dreaming about...and then it'll be too hot and we'll all be complaining about THAT... Catch all this info HERE on my 101-WKQX radio segment! 

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Mother's Day- Hampton Social, Bombo Bar, Portillo's

Here are some amazing options for what's Rocking Right Now in Chicago this weekend for Mother's Day or for whatever your weekend entails.  Click here to listen to my full 101-WKQX radio segment that aired today!

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