The Warehouse, Left Coast, Festivals- 10/6/17

I've got some great spots for you all this weekend!  Keep reading/listening if you want to know the best spots to kick off Fall and enjoy some amazing food, drink, and music!  And click HERE to listen to my full segment on 101-WKQX. 

The Warehouse


If the Dave Matthew's song, Warehouse, has just popped in your head, it's for good reason.  The owners used it as inspiration for their unique Lincoln Park hot spot.  Just like the song, The Warehouse on Fullerton will give you a cool vibe right away.  They wanted to be different than your everyday sports bar, so they kicked it up a bit. 


Hailing from a long line of Italian restaurant owners, the owners of The Warehouse had to have some awesome pizza on the menu.  But they took it one step further.  Not only do they have thin crust, but they do a Chicago Style Pan/Deep dish as well.  And you will not believe some of the specialty varieties!  Chicago Style Hot Dog Pizza?!  Whatttt?!  And a Burger pizza, and Angry Italian and Carbonara?!  Ok, now I'm starving. And if you're in the mood for something other than pizza (if that's even possible) they've got you covered with Salmon Mac N Cheese (looks like my kinda dish), Kale Caesar, or a Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese.  Definitely not a typical sports bar!  But hey, if you wanna watch a game, there's no better place... especially if you're a Purdue fan ;)

The Warehouse- LINCOLN PARK- 1419 W. Fullerton

Left Coast

Left Coast! Finally a place that makes you feel like you're in LA even though you're in the midwest.  And they're finally open in River North!  I LOVE all of their healthy juice, salad, wrap, and bowl options.  They even have a healthy cocktail menu!  Love when you can feel good (or better) about boozing.  But their wrap menu is what really got me.  Check out these names:  The Regulator, The Chronic, and the D O Double G.  Doesn't get more Left Coast than that.  My fave was the Regulator:  Miso marinated salmon, kimchi, basil, mint, cabbage, and Korean hot sauce.  Regulators!  Mount UP! 


Left Coast- RIVER NORTH- 717 N. Wells

Food and Beer Festivals

If you wanna check out some awesome food and beer festivals this weekend head to Millennium Park.  Friday is the Harvest Hop Down Beer festival with over 25 different brewers present.  If you wanna get your culture on, head to World Dumpling Festival on Saturday.  Explore the world of pierogis, potstickers, and empanadas, while experiencing international music, art, and culture.  Click here to buy passes- 3 dumpling tour for $10 or 18 dumpling tour for $50.