Home Run Inn Pizza, The Upside Down, Skorch Giveaway! 8/25/17

Is there anything better than some beers and a pizza with friends?  Or what about a pop-up bar based on the coolest show on Earth?!  Or can you beat a giveaway of cold hard cash from the hottest new app?!  I say all those things rock... keep reading to learn more and click HERE for my full segment on 101-WKQX. 

Home Run Inn Pizza

If you are a true down home Chicagoan, you've probably grown up with Home Run Inn Pizza.  But if you're only familiar with the frozen pizza we all most certainly have in our freezers, well, you're missing out big time.  Their brick and mortar locations are off the charts good pizza.  And their Lakeview location is one of my favorite places to go when I just want to relax with friends and have a cold beer and some deelish 'za.  


And if that's your idea of a good time too, then head to Home Run Inn in Lakeview THIS WEEKEND.  All through Sunday Home Run Inn is teaming up with Buckle Down Brewery to offer beer flights, and great beer and pizza deals.  Like a pint and an 8in pizza for $10...what??!! Oh, and sit outside on their patio while summer is still here!  

Home Run Inn Pizza- LAKEVIEW- 3215 N. Sheffield 

The Upside Down

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm.  It's probably the most binge-worthy show of all time... and if you couldn't get enough of watching it on Netflix... or you're getting insanely antsy for season 2, fear not my Upside Downers.  Emporium has taken their rotating pop-up space and turned it into the perfect replica of Hawkins in the 80's.  It's everything you could possibly want in a themed pop-up.  Including the blinking strings of Christmas lights, and tons of 80's music.  But the cocktails will really throw you into another realm.  Try Eleven's Eggos (a maple flavored slushy served with a waffle wedge) with or the Demegorgun, oooohhhhh creepyyyy.   

Photo courtesy of The Upside Down Instagram

Photo courtesy of The Upside Down Instagram

The Upside Down- LOGAN SQUARE- 2367 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Skorch App Giveaway

Ok everyone.  Are you looking for the app of ALL apps that tells you the HOTTEST and most SKORCH-WORTHY restaurants and bars in your town?!  I mean, Yelp is so 2013.  Please tell me there's something better out there!  Well we're in luck.  Skorch is here and it lets you know, IN REAL TIME, the places where all the people who are in "the know" are going.  You can even interact with other Skorchers and make and share your hotlists.  And if you go to my Instagram right now, you will see how you can enter to win a $200 Visa gift card from Skorch.  Click here to enter!