The Heritage Restaurant and Caviar Bar, Small Cheval, Beatrix

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are 2 fantastic NEW spots to hit up this weekend AND a sneak peak into a hot spot that will be here soon.  So much YUM in this blog!  Click here to listen to my full radio segment on 101-WKQX. 

The Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar

Chicago's only caviar bar has finally opened... and of course it's in the neighborhood of...wait for it...Humboldt Park?!  What?!  For Chicago's first caviar bar to open in Humbolt, they must be trying to make a statement.  And that statement is clear.  Caviar should be approachable, not intimidating, and accessible to anyone who wants to try it.  Now please don't think I'm snooty for saying this... but I'm crazy for caviar.  I have been for over a decade and I eat it every chance I get.  I love the rituals of eating it, I love all the accoutrements, and I love the drinks that go with it... namely champagne or ice cold shots of vodka.  So now that there's a spot where you can indulge in the art that is caviar consumption, and not totally break the bank, I AM IN!  So if caviar is something you've always wanted to try and thought you couldn't afford it, or thought it seemed "gross" (you're so wrong), well now is your chance.  It's caviar time! (Oh, and they have a full menu of other items too.)

Photo courtesy of The Heritage Instagram

Photo courtesy of The Heritage Instagram

The Heritage Restaurant & Caviar Bar- HUMBOLDT PARK- 2700 W. Chicago Ave

Small Cheval

Small Cheval isn't new news in and of itself.  Many Chicagoans have figured out that if you want the world-famous and mouth-watering burger from Au Cheval, and you don't want to wait in line 5 hours, that you can go to Small Cheval and not have to wait.  It's glorious!  The Wicker Park location and River North location (in 3 Greens Market) have been saviors.  But there's about to be an Old Town location soon (no set date yet)!  Yep, right on the main drag on Wells Street.  Just a note; Small Cheval doesn't offer an egg on your burger... but hey, it's still damn good.  


Small Cheval- OLD TOWN- 1345 N. Wells St. 


Beatrix has been one of my go-to spots for breakfast, lunch, coffee, meetings, dinner... pretty much anytime.  It's a Lettuce Entertain You venue, so you know you're always going to get the best quality food and service, and Beatrix has the best of the best.  It's healthy, delicious, and they have such unique menu items.  Plus their juices, coffee drinks, and cocktails are sublime.  Their River North and Streeterville spots have been a hit since day one.  However, they just opened a brand new location in Fulton Market.  This spot is even trendier, and a hot place to to hang out, as it's got that cool West Loop industrial vibe goin' on.  So go for an amazing meal, and stay for a beer or cocktail.  A MUST TRY- Their Mushroom Quinoa Burger (see below), and their Turkey "Neatloaf".

Beatrix- FULTON MARKET- 834 W. Fulton Market