Tavern On Little Fort, Porte Play GIVEAWAY, & new ETR-TV Music Episode is Live!

We Chicagoans need to milk as much of out summer as possible.  And we are GOOD at it.  So keep reading to find a cool spot to spend some remaining warm Summer days.  Click here to listen to my full segment on 101-WKQX.

Tavern On Little Fort

I'm always giving so much love to restaurants and bars in the downtown area, because selfishly, well, that's where I live and frequent most often.  But there are some incredible spots ALL throughout Chicago's beautiful, exciting, and diverse neighborhoods.  North Center needs to get some props for Tavern on Little Fort.  It pays homage to the historic Inns from the Lincoln Avenue of yesteryear.  They are a classic sports bar with great pub food and an extensive beer list.  Oh, and if you're an Iowa Hawkeye, like your's truly, then you'll really love it!  And if college sports aren't your thing, you can head there to check out a Raiders game.  

And ain't no better way to chill yet have a blast while summer lasts than a good ole' fashioned beer garden...and Tavern on Little Fort has one of the coolest.  It's cozy and secluded and has it's own freestanding bar.  So while Summer winds down, you can still spend some time outside eating and drinking.  If you wanna do both at the same time, check out their yummy weekend brunch!  They have $3 mimosas (WHAT?!?!) and $5 Bloody Mary's.  

Porte Play Giveaway!!  

As a (very) frequent traveler, I need all the gadgets on Earth to help keep me organized.  And especially in today's day and age with all of the electronics you need to carry with you, you schlep around a TON of cords.  Porte Play carrying cases help keep ALL of your cords and electronic devices organized.  So I thought I would spread the love and do a GIVEAWAY of these awesome products!  Just go NOW to my Instagram, FOLLOW me, go to my Instagram Stories, and find the one about the Giveaway... reply to it "101- ROCKS" and you will be entered for a chance to win an awesome Porte Play package like below!  



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