Bootler...Let's Simplify Our Food Delivery, Shall We?

Ahh the challenges of the 21st century.  So many conveniences, everything can be delivered right to your door.  We literally don't even have to go to the drugstore anymore if we don't want to (and why would we?!).  But with all of these modern technological advances comes a problem.  Not there are SO many competing companies who are just dying to help you stay glued to your couch.... which do we choose??  Why are our lives so hard?!?!

In walks Bootler.  Phew!!  Bootler takes all the guess work out of which delivery service to use in a simple and straight forward fashion. They JUST launched in Chicago and will be launching in other major US cities throughout 2016.  It will compare ALL available delivery services in your area all on one screen.  Just type in your address and select the type of cuisine you want.  Once you start building your selection you can compare which services are the fastest and the cheapest, all in one screen!  Check out this awesome video HERE.  

Just type in your address and let Bootler do the rest!

So easy to compare delivery services in one screen.

Then you can either order directly through Bootler, or Bootler will redirect you to the order page on the actual delivery service.  Next thing you know, Voila!  Your food is at your door in the quickest and most affordable way that's available.  

Oh hey Rick Bayless.... Thanks Bootler!

The best tortas in town in my kitchen

But here's even MORE good news.  Now you can get your food AND booze delivered all together.   Yea, you heard me right.  Whether it's for a quiet night at home, or you're having a party and you don't want to run out in the freezing cold to do a liquor store run... Bootler will do it all for you in one fell swoop.  They've partnered up with Saucey to provide a fully integrated and streamlined experience for all your food and alcohol needs.  PLUS if you use the code GOBOOTLER at the Saucey Checkout, you will get $10 off!  As you can see, I took full advantage of this little option ;) 

A little vino with my Torta