Home Chef: Be Your Own Chef... at Home

Ahhh cooking.  Depending on who you are, it can be a blessing or a curse.  What if, no matter what your level of culinary expertise, you could enjoy and master cooking from home?!  I have the answer, folks.  It's Home Chef.  I absolutely LOVE to cook.  Whether it's for my friends, family, or date night... there's no greater satisfaction that creating a meal that your loved ones will love.  Even though my culinary ability is a bit above average, there are still some negatives to cooking at home.  The biggest being waste.  When I go grocery shopping for the week, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach.  I buy SO much, most of it never used, or it goes bad before I have a chance to use it.  Then I have to deal with the shame of throwing out hundreds of dollars of perfectly good produce.  So sad (tear).  

All the ingredient for the Brazilian Shrimp Moqueca I made. Yes, that's a rutabaga! 

Home Chef (see above) Gives you perfectly portioned ingredients in order to cook a meal for two (or four, or six).  No more, no less.  The PERFECT amount... so you have zero waste!  You get the freshest produce, delicious sauces and spices, and locally sourced meats delivered right to your door in environmentally friendly packaging. It takes the guess work out of the entire process.   With every pre-portioned meal, they give you a bright and colorful, step by step, menu/instruction card.  It's easy to read and understand no matter your level of cooking. 

What's even more fantastic is the price. Each meal for 2 people is only $20, so if you order the standard weekly package for $60 you get three meals for 2...or only $10 each...it's literally fresh, restaurant quality food and recipes AND you get to hone your cooking skills for $10!! What's even better is if you go to my Instagram page now @eattravelrock you'll see how to enter to win a WEEK'S worth of Home Chef meals, delivered right to your door!  ALSO- USE CODE EATTRAVELROCK TO RECEIVE $30 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX!!! JUST CLICK HERE!

Read the captions below each photo for more info on the meals I made in under 30 minutes!

This was some of the prep work for the Brazilian Shrimp Moqueca dinner. Tons of fresh and healthy veggies!

Simmering the tomato sauce with coconut milk, Brazilian spices, and tomatoes.  So fragrant.

Finished dish.  Mashed rutabaga with the tomato coconut sauce covered with the veggies and shrimp. It was outstanding. 

All the ingredients and the gorgeous recipe card for some of the best turkey burgers I've had.

Mixing the turkey with panko, hot sauce, green onions, and egg.  

Gettin' down and dirty... and shaping some massive burgers.

The healthiest version of fries possible!  Sweet potato drizzled with olive oil, S&P.

Cabbage slaw with celery and a good amount of yummy hot sauce for some kick.

I assembled the burgers with a ton of blue cheese crumbles and the soft pretzel roll.  Perfection.