Go West This Winter!

When you think of putting  a little cowboy in to your get-up, it's usually during the summer months.  What better way to show off your Southern Style than wearing a pair of cowboy boots to a summer music festival, usually complimented with a fringe vest and some ripped jean shorts, am I right?  Well, winter time welcomes the Western look as well.  Given my obsession with Country Music, this casual Americana look has always been a go-to.  But now I'm going to show you a way to make it even more chic...and keep you warm this winter.  

I own about 10 pair of cowboy boots in all shapes and sizes.  But I wanted a pair that I could dress up OR dress down.  So when I found these Justin Boots, it truly was a match made in heaven.  Not only can I wear these to a nice dinner in the winter time, but they'd also rock any casual or even summertime look as well...while still having a Western flair. 

To complete my look I went with a vintage belt I purchased in Nashville several years ago, a structured felt hat that has a country edge without being too "Yee-Haw", and a cashmere fringe poncho to keep me warm and cozy when the temperature drops way below my comfort zone..  

As you can see, even though I have a Western vibe goin' on, it still looks perfectly chic in an urban setting, for all y'all city girls.  What's YOUR favorite way to incorporate your cowboy style in your winter wardrobe??  Comment below!! 

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