Rocking Right Now- Music Theme- March 17, 2017

If you've got music streaming through your veins, listen up!  I've got a contest and some major hot spots for you!  Click here to listen to my full segment on 101-WKQX.  

Exhibit On Superior- Musician In Residence Contest!  

If it has been your dream to play music for a living, here's your chance!  Not only will you have a shot at being the in-house resident musician at River North's HOTTEST new residential building, Exhibit on Superior, but you will also have the chance to win a FREE YEAR OF RENT!!  INSANITY!! 

Here is what you need to know. If you have major acoustic guitar chops, and you think you've got what it takes... post a one-minute acoustic guitar/vocal video demo on Instagram or Facebook using #ExhibitALister and tag @ExhibitonSuperior OR submit video via email to: 

The deadline for submissions is March 21st.  Finalists will be chosen to play a set at the final event in front of an expert panel of judges on April 20th at Exhibit on Superior which will be hosted by YOURS TRULY!  This is the opportunity of a lifetime and if you would like to enter, click HERE or on title above for FULL rules and regulations.  

Exhibit on Superior- RIVER NORTH- 165 W. Superior 



Deadbolt is a badass new bar concept in Logan Square on the hot Milwaukee drag.  They've got good food, LIVE MUSIC, and good drinks. It used to be the old Two- Way Lounge which was a 50 year old dive bar that was a neighborhood staple.  So they wanted to revamp it and make it cool and edgy but with a cozy neighborhood feel that still made the locals feel welcome.  

They have some awesome cocktails that aren't too frou-frou-y but are adapted takes on classic favorites.  Like a Bro-jito and a Rum Raisin Old Fashioned...yummmyyy.  But if your getting hangry after a few drinks, you're in luck.  They have a small but mighty menu of classic bar-food staples.  Try the Chicago Char Dog, or their Griddled Butter Burger.  I'm literally drooling as I write this. 

Deadbolt- LOGAN SQUARE- 2412 N Milwaukee Ave

Underground Wonder Bar

This has been one of my favorite spots for live music for over a decade.  The fact that you can listen to legit live Reggae music in the heart of River North is probably the great thing to ever happen to Chicago. Yes I'm being dramatic, but I love this bar so damn much.  Reggae is played on Thursday and Sunday nights and every other night of the week is filled with sounds of live Jazz, Funk, and Soul music.   

It's a total dive bar, so don't expect any fancy drinks or food (although the do have some pretty fab frozen pizzas).  However, you can feel as if you're chillin' in Kingston, Jamaica by posting up at the bar, downing a cold Red Stripe, and listening to a dope cover of Exodus.  You won't be disappointed.  It's Irie Mon!! 

Underground Wonder Bar- RIVER NORTH- 710 N. Clark St.