Hot This Weekend March 3, 2017

Hey Chicago!  If you're venturing out this weekend, these are the spots you MUST check out.  You won't be disappointed.  Click here for today's 101-WKQX radio segment! 

The Native

There's something to be said about going to a place "where everybody knows your name".  The Native in Logan Square is like the second coming of "Cheers," if all they played was vinyl and Woody Harrelson poured Malort cocktails.  It's a classic dive bar with a popcorn machine and Bingo nights, yet it has an understated cool factor that strictly comes from the fact that they're not trying to be cool.  But since it's a family owned and operated joint, you're sure to feel like you belong right away.  

As the name suggests, they're into being uber-authentic and true to their roots.  So their cocktail list, as not extensive as it may be, has cocktails that are made with local spirits...native to Chicago.  If you know me at all, you know my favorite cocktail is a Negroni.  The Native's delicious and unique version of it is made with Martin Miller Gin, Pamplemousse liquor, and Jepsons Malort.  If you've never had Malort, well let's just say, it's quite the experience.  

The Native- 2417 N Milwaukee Ave- Logan Square 


Imperial Lamian

Looking for authentic yet unique Chinese food?  Look no further.  Head to River North to Imperial Lamian for a completely different and mind blowing Asian food experience.  They are famous for their Lamian noodles which are hand pulled, right in front of you, by their master lamian chef.  But it's their Dim Sum that keeps my mouth watering.  Not only are their dim sum visually appealing, but they're packed full of taste bud awakening umami.  

My favorite of their dim sum selection are the soup dumplings.  Have. Mercy.  They are literally flavor explosions.  You bite into the perfectly chewy dumpling and it oozes with a soup filling.  My faves are the truffle and the crab.  Trust me, you will be in foodie heaven.  And to sweeten this item even more...the Shanghai Xiao Long Bao are only $1 the entire month of March!! Get them while they're still hot!! Literally.  

Imperial Lamian- 6 West Hubbard- River North

The Vig

If you're sick of the typical sports bar, check out The Vig.  It's an homage to the 1940's and American gaming and gambling culture.  You feel as if you're stepping back into a mid century speakeasy but there is nothing old fashioned about their cocktails (except their Old Fashioned haha) or menu.  They have an incredible craft cocktail list and their food is outstanding.  It's an upscale and diverse gastro-pub menu including culinary influences from around the country and around the world.  

Check out their pimento mac and cheese and their burger.  Holy Cow!  Also, if you're just looking for a place to hang and have a few drinks... it's also one of Old Town's biggest hot spots.  Definitely a place to go if you're single... woo wee there's some good lookin' people there!  

The Vig- 1527 N. Wells- Old Town