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Walk Like An Egyptian....

For those who know me, you know i'm obsessed with tattoos.  Short of having a full sleeve... I have my share.  For some of them, I'd love a "do-over"  (Black panther on my lower waist...whaaaa???) and others, I wouldn't change for anything (Italian script, and my Pearl Jam tat I got at 16).  However, what if you could live out your tattoo dreams, and have it be temporary?  Henna is lame... and the one's we got as kids are equally as lame today.  (At 14, I put on a vine that encircled my belly button... yuck).  

So happy that I came across Flash Tattoos... they are gold and silver awesomeness.  They last about 5-7 days and it allows me to live out all of my Egyptian rock goddess fantasies.  If they had these in the 80's, The Bangles would be covered in them.  Yes, I understand that unlike myself, most people have normal jobs and can't go around covered in these.  (I had one on my face the other day and my mom freaked out that it was real...calm down... but Lord help me the day they invent permanent gold tattoo's ON!) But since you can rub them off with rubbing alcohol, you can party with them all weekend and say goodbye to them Monday morning when you head to work (wahhh wahhh).  So until I get sick of these things, you will see me with arm bands and necklaces etc... they are literally like jewelry.... jewelry you can't lose at a music festival or a night out at the club after a few too many cocktails.