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Le Pain Quotidien... in Chicago!

FYI- I did NOT get paid to write this.... Moving on, nothing makes me happier than when Chicago is only a quick step behind NYC.  My FAVORITE spot for a delicious cafe au lait, croissant, healthy salad, or yummy omelet in NYC has always been Le Pain.  I love how it feels like a rustic French cafe/bakery or like a cozy neighborhood spot.  I love how they have the calorie count printed on the menu for EVERY dish.  I love how they use fresh local and organic ingredients for all of their delicious creations. Basically, I just love it.  I've been known to sit at the one in Chelsea or Upper East Side for hours, reading, eating, working, and getting my caffeine on.  The only problem was that there weren't any in homeland.  Well, now that ain't the case.  They've opened in Lincoln Park (Armitage and Sheffield) and West Loop (Clinton St) and soon they'll be open at 10 E. Delaware in the Gold Coast.  So excited that I now have a place to be a "regular" and where I can indulge in healthy items (don't be shocked- I can eat healthy) that are also planet friendly and most of all delicious.  Bon Appetit!!