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A Foodie and Nutritionist walk into a...Restaurant.

Last week I had the pleasure of dining with Nutritionist and Healthy Living Concierge, Ashley Pettit. I've respected her talent and career for a long time, and even though our lines of work are quite different...we knew there had to be some way we could synergize.  We decided to have a collabo lunch at both of our favorite spot, Beatrix.  Beatrix has amazing foodie finds, and all of their food is health oriented, fresh, organic, and delicious.  Win-Win!!  Read below for Ashley's insider take on our awesome meal together!

"Lunch dates…they are a pretty common thing, especially during the work-week when you may want to catch up with a girlfriend or colleague. However, so many of my clients always tell me that when they are trying to be healthy, they don’t eat out and abstain from hanging out with friends so they can keep on track.

Get this: there is absolutely NO reason to become anti-social when you are adopting healthy eating habits. If I can do it with my friend + ridiculously awesome food, music, + travel blogger; Ms. Kelly Rizzo (aka: Eat, Travel, Rock,) then you can eat out with just about whomever, wherever you want!

I love being able to dine with all sorts of people, anytime I want. It just takes some simple consideration and a determination to eat right while being a social butterfly! I managed to maintain my composure when Kelly ordered something that came with my biggest weakness: French fries (see below- doesn’t that fry look amazing?) And sometimes I have some fries, but this lunch was not my time to indulge. Yet, in the end, I did not miss them! Here is a glimpse into our meal + the main APL tips to eating out socially."  CLICK HERE TO READ MORE