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Seattle- Exceeding All Expectations

I didn't necessarily think that my first visit to Seattle would qualify this city as one of my favorites.  Maybe Forbes was on to something when it voted Seattle, just this month, as the #2 Coolest City In America.  I will not dispute this ranking as Seattle was so much more than I expected, and yes, the cool just oozed out of it's pores.  

The first thing I noticed, even from the airplane window, was the mind-blowing topography.  It was something out of a dream.  As I decended I could see how the green was almost blinding while the rolling hills were only overcome by the sprawling backdrop of the Cascade Mountains.  The soundtrack of the trip was me saying on repeat, "This is SO pretty.... Oh my God, this is SO gorgeous!"  It was surreal to me that Seattle residents had the privilege of waking up each morning with heaven as their view.  


I know what you're saying....Slow down Kelly!!  Isn't Seattle known for their gloomy and depressing weather.  Yes... they have a shitty rep for it.  But the city must have been prepared for my arrival and knew how depressed I was with the Chicago's lackluster summer, as she dialed one up for me.  Four straight days of 85 degree and sunny weather.  Which made exploring many of Seattle's massive lakes (Lake Washington, Lake Sammamish) by boat, all the more enjoyable.  Yet Seattle residents and Washingtonians alike don't mind the negative press regarding the weather...this way they get to keep their gem well preserved and close to the chest. 

As a foodie, I was impressed with the vast amount of good eats. Since I'm trying to eat less meat, Seattle is THE spot for me. The abundance of fresh seafood is almost incomparable...for obvious reasons. My absolute favorite spot was Pike Place Market.   This is the go-to for locals, tourists, and chefs alike who want seafood that was caught 5 minutes ago.  My pick of the day was a big cup full of so fresh and so clean Dungeness crab cocktail. Pure, delicious, and only $12. 

As a music lover, and more importantly 1990's alternative rock music (and grunge) lover, Seattle offered up the EMP Museum. This was everything a person who appreciates music could ask for. I spent the most time in the hall of guitar history and in the Nirvana exhibit. The Nirvana exhibit was surreal as the amount of rare artifacts they had on display which belonged the tragic trio was incredible. Plus they incorporated digital exhibits which showcased many of the other grunge bands who were responsible for creating the "Seattle Sound". 

All in all, my Seattle trip epitomized the ultimate Eat Travel Rock experience, as I consumed copius amounts of some of the world's most delectable seafood while learning more about the music scene that captivated the world for over a decade over 20 years ago. Clearly Seattle has found it's way to make a name for itself on the world stage again by being voted one of our "Coolest Cities". Well deserved Seattle, well deserved.