How to Make an Easy Mediterranean Feast at Home

Mediterranean cooking has always been my favorite type of cuisine and there are many types since many diverse countries encircle the Mediterranean Sea.  Usually Sicilian and Italian dishes are what I cook at home, but I adore the flavors of Greece, Turkey, Morocco, and the Middle East as well.  Wild Garden helps you to make complex and authentic Mediterranean dishes right in your own kitchen and with ease.  

I got to try the entire "Taste the Mediterranean" tasting box that has a variety of marinades and side dish options.  Basically, if you're busy and don't have enough time or energy to be too creative and come up with dinner ideas, this is so perfect.  You feel like you still get to implement some culinary creativity while having your meal mapped out for you.  You can choose any type of protein you like, grilled chicken, sautéed shrimp, grilled steak... and pair it up with a quick and easy marinade and pick a pilaf or side dish.  Here's what I made!  

I chose the Turkish Marinade with chicken, and the Rice and Lentil side dish.  First I marinated the chicken in the quick marinade.  Per the instructions you only need to marinate for a few minutes but I put the chicken in the fridge for 30 min.  

Then I wanted to add my own "flavor" to it, so I roasted a red pepper and sautéed some onions and tomatoes.  Then I sautéed the chicken, and poured the rice in.  You can easily microwave it in the pouch too if you wish.

Then I plated it all in a paella pan along with fresh mint and parsley, lemon, wedges,  and toasted pita bread.  It was absolutely outstanding and my company was beyond impressed I was able to whip up this incredible Mediterranean meal in less than 30 min.  I cannot wait to try other combinations!   You can click HERE to find the store nearest you where you can purchase Wild Garden.  





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