Memphis Comes to Chicago!

Me on the famous Beale Street in Downtown Memphis

I love me some Barbecue...and Memphis is world renowned for theirs.  It's a time honored tradition and they put a lot of love and pride into this regional cuisine.  When I was in Memphis two weeks ago I feasted on some of the best of the best.  Check out what I ate and then read below to find out how YOU can get your taste of Memphis THIS WEEK in CHICAGO!! 

Everyone knows Beale Street... home of some of the best live blues bars, and a ton of restaurants, many of which serve Memphis style BBQ.  However, I ventured a bit away from the city center to one of the most famous and highest rated joints in town, Central BBQ.  I loved the actual venue.  It was MASSIVE and looked like your typical divey comfort food spot.  I picked a spot on their huge patio and stared at a mural which depicted the entire map and history of blues music.  Very fitting.  The food was great... I especially loved the sides.  

Central BBQ

And then I had Corky's.  Corky's BBQ was definitely outside of the city center.  I hit up Corky's BBQ while on my way to Nashville, as it's about 20 min from Downtown Memphis.  And man, that wait was worth it.  The actual BBQ itself was far superior, in my opinion, to Central BBQ.  I had ribs and pulled pork and I was in heaven.  I'll venture as far as to say they were the best baby back ribs I have EVER had... and I have had them all... from all around the country.  But here is the best part folks, now YOU can try them too!! 

Corky's BBQ

You heard me.  Corky's is coming to Chicago in honor of Chicago Blues Fest this weekend.  Their food truck is going to be zipping all around town on June 8th and 9th so come meet up with the truck and try some of the country's best BBQ!  I'll even be joining up with the truck for a couple hours, so come hang!  I'll be live tweeting, snap chatting, and of course, eating my face off.  See schedule below: