Travel Like A Pro

So, yeah... I travel a lot... Eat Travel Rock after all!  So it wouldn't be very courteous of me if I didn't share some of my favorite travel tips and apps.  Let's get to it...

Before Travel:

TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry:  This is a game changer, folks.  If you haven't joined TSA Pre-check yet, it's a must; especially if you travel more than a couple times per year.  I procrastinated a long while on this and finally my boyfriend, who got so tired of me not being able to go in the Pre-check line with him, thus being a gentleman and waiting in the cattle call line with me every time...made me sign up.  It's easy.  You go to your nearest State Dept building... in Chicago it's right in the loop (70 W. Madison).  You answer a few questions, fill out an app, and pay $85.  Then you wait 4-6 weeks for approval.  Then traveling becomes a breeze!!  Short lines, you don't have to remove shoes and jackets, or take anything out of your bags.  Start the process here: or Booking Now apps-  These are the greatest sites to book in advance, or last minute hotels.  Great rating system, great deals, and great pics.  


Expert Flyer:  Did you get assigned a shitty seat on the plane?  Fret not my flying friend. This app will let you know when/if the seat you want becomes available.  A must if you're super tall or broad or just human and HATE middle seats.  


Seat Guru:  I LOVE this app.  It tells me all about the seat that I have chosen.  It'll let me know the size, the amenities, even whether or not it reclines.  For instance, on my upcoming flight to Italy, this (below) is my purchased seat and it gives me SO much more info that i'd ever be able to obtain on the airline's website.  


During Travel:

Gate Guru:  I use this is app CONSTANTLY.  Since I'm always looking for the best food an airport has to offer as well as for other amenities, Gate Guru is a lifesaver.  Based on terminal, it will let you know what restaurants, shops, and restrooms are in your immediate vicinity.  


Google Translate: Being multi-lingual has enriched my life.  I haven't traveled to many countries where I haven't spoken the language (I speak Italian, Spanish, and a bit of English)... but there are many countries I want to travel to where I don't speak the language, of course. Even with Spanish and Italian... I'm conversational, not fluent, so I need refreshers constantly.  Good translating apps are hard to come by, but Google's is the best i've seen.  Give it a whirl, ci vediamo and hasta luego!